Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting the Most from Roundtable

Roundtable is a district level monthly training event. Its purpose is to provide supplemental training for each of the positions in Scouting.

The format is typically a combined opening followed by break-out sessions for each of the positions in Scouting. The break-out sessions are intended to be discussions guided by an experienced Scouter (hence the name 'roundtable') rather than formal lessons. However, like other scout training, they are taught by volunteers and the quality of any particular session can be highly variable. some sessions are very insightful discussions, whereas others are little more than a series of rambling stories of no interest to anyone other than the teller.

Attending Roundtable however, is not really optional in my opinion. Once you've accepted the calling, you also accept all of the responsibilities which includes attending roundtable.

So how do you ensure that your time isn't wasted? I suggest three ways to get the most from Roundtable:

  1. Attend with one or two questions that you want answered. By identifying a couple of areas that you've been struggling with, you can enlist the help of others in your same calling to get help and advice. The power of Roundtable is that you can skip the theoretical and go right for the practical - "how do I actually do x?"
  2. Be ready to share advice, ideas, and relevant experience with other attendees. Even the newest Scouter has something to offer, even if its advice on what not to do! By carefully listening for opportunities where you can help others, you will be engaged in what is happening and are more likely  to hear the 'nugget' that was meant just for you.
  3. Use Roundtable as a way to build a network of support. Tools such as Facebook or Linked-In make it easy to connect with people that you meet at Roundtable. This network of support can be of great help when you have need for help or advice at any time during the month, not just at Roundtable. 
Even though, not every roundtable will be a life-changing event, I think that attending Roundtable shows a willingness to be obedient and humble, both requirements for us to receive inspiration for our callings, and that's something we can't do without...

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  1. Diane, you are awesome. Thanks for sharing this with me. I hope I can share it with all of our Round Table group. :)
    Ellen K.