Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's your Pigeon?

In October 2004 General Conference, President Monson recounted a story of when he was the Teacher's Quorum president as a young man. You might remember him explaing how his quorum advisor gave him a pair of purebred pigeons, with the instruction to let them loose in 10 days to see if they would return. Well, the female pigeon always returned to the advisor's house and when 'Tommy' went to retrieve the bird, the advisor would ask about Tommy's efforts to reactivate quorum members.

President Monson explained, "This experience was repeated over and over again. I was a grown man before I fully realized that indeed Harold, my adviser, had given me a special pigeon, the only pigeon in his loft he knew would return every time she was released. It was his inspired way of having an ideal personal priesthood interview with the president of the teachers quorum every two weeks. I owe a lot to that one-eyed pigeon. I owe more to that quorum adviser. He had the patience and the skill to help me prepare for responsibilities which lay ahead."

This advisor understood his role - not to run the quorum, but to enable the work of Priesthood Keys. His inspired use of the pigeon was also an example. What 'pigeons' do we cultivate that are in common with the young men we serve? What is the common bond that builds mutual respect and provides an opportunity for gospel teching?

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