Monday, May 14, 2012

Family Home Evening - Scout Style!

Ten Ideas for FHE activities for Scouting families:

1. Discuss the importance of one of the points of the Scout Law as a spiritual thought.
2. Have your Scout teach a knot or other simple skill to the family (using the EDGE method of course!)
3. Tell an inspirational historical Scout story - one of BP's adventures, or the fabled Scout in the 'London Fog'.
4. Tell an inspirational story of a modern-day Scout (just Google "scout saves life" or something similar).
5. Learn to sew as a family (and then practice on a merit badge sash).
6. Have your Scout 'share' what they are learning as they are completing the requirements in the Duty to God booklet.
7. Jump in the car and find a few local geocache positions.
8. Spend time working on a skill that your Scout has been exposed to through his merit badge experience: Photography, Rocketry, Art, Swimming, Wood Carving, etc.
9. Review your family's emergency preparedness plan and status (completing requirements 2c and 9b of the Emergency Prep merit badge).
10. Do some basic repairs around the house (possibly completing several requirements for the Home Repair merit badge).

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